Regulation 200 - Remuneration and Benefits

Subsection 200(1)

Administrative Policy

26 June 2018 External T.I. 2018-0746971E5 - Bonus received after death of employee

constructive receipt does not accelerate T4 reporting obligations

A retired employee, who had a right to receive a bonus payment (a restricted share unit) in 2017 and in 2018, died in 2017 which, under the terms of the plan, resulted in all entitlements becoming payable immediately. However, the employer did not make the payment to the deceased’s estate until 2018, when it became aware of the death. The correspondent noted that Guide 4011 provided that the T4 slip was to be prepared in the year the amounts were paid even if they were earned in a different taxation year. Was this correct? CRA stated:

The T4 prepared by the employer would reflect the year of payment, which in your example occurred in 2018 and the amounts received by the estate should be reported on the final return of the deceased in 2017, the year of death.

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6 October 2017 APFF Roundtable Q. 2, 2017-0709001C6 F - T4A filing obligation

penalty applicable but not necessarily applied for failure to complete fee box

Respecting whether a s. 162(7) penalty will be imposed for failure to provide a T4A to a service provider even if the provider’s invoice bear a proper GST/HST registration number, CRA indicated that, although in 2010, it had announced a “temporary measure” indicating that it would not penalize taxpayers for failure to complete Box 048 (re fees for services):

However, this has never had the effect of relieving taxpayers of their responsibility to report these payments. Thus, a penalty under subsection 162(7) is applicable for non-filing if payments for services are not reported on the T4A form, even if an invoice with valid tax numbers is provided to the payer.

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21 November 2016 Internal T.I. 2016-0675761I7 F - Obligation de produire un T4A

artists’ union must issue T4A slips to incorporated artists respecting benefits received from the union

2013-0507171I7 F indicated that where a producer paid fees under a contract of service with the corporation of an incorporated performing artist and also was obligated to pay dues directly to the artists’ union (the UDA) in addition to some UDA dues that it was required to deduct from the fees paid to the artist’s corporation and remit, the producer was required to issue two T4As for the respective amounts to the artist’s corporation (so that the full fee amounts including dues deducted at source were included in its business income) and to the artist (so that the additional dues were included in his or her employment income from the corporation qua employer).

CRA now amended this Technical Interpretation to indicate that the second T4A (relating to the employee benefit arising out of the dues paid to the UDA) was required to be issued by the UDA rather than the producer. In this regard, CRA stated:

As for the amounts [the producer] contributes to the UDA on top of those fees… it should not issue a T4A slip to the artist for those amounts, as it is not the producer who provides benefits to the artist but, rather, the UDA. With respect to the contributions paid by the UDA for the benefit of the artist, subject to the exceptions in subparagraph 6(1)(a)(i) of the Income Tax Act, the artist must include in the employment income earned from the Corporation the value of the benefits accruing from such contributions. In addition, the UDA or the COPAR Fund, depending on the legal effect of the arrangements, must issue a T4A slip to the artist including the sums paid as vacation pay.

7 October 2016 APFF Roundtable Q. 1B, 2016-0652761C6 F - T4A filing

no expanded relief from the broad T4A reporting requirements

In light of the wording of ITA s. 153(1)(g) and Reg. 200(2), there is a broad range of inappropriate circumstances where the issuance of a T4A is required – for, example, where a corporation pays an amount greater than $500 to its accountant for professional services. As another example, in 2015 CRA required the issuance of a T4A respecting fees paid by a dentist to professional advisors. What is the current status of the CRA study (referenced by it at the 2011 APFF Conference) of administrative practices respecting T4As? Can CRA provide an exemption from the requirement for issuing a T4A where the invoice for the services rendered (whether by an individual or corporation) bears a valid tax number (e.g., GST and QST registration numbers). CRA responded:

The CRA position remains unchanged regarding the requirement… in paragraph 153(1)(g)… .

[T]here is already administrative relief for the production of the T4A in specified limited circumstances such as:

i) where the payment made is less than $500, to the extent that no tax is withheld in respect of the amount, and
ii) where personal services are rendered to an individual by a professional or anyone else practising a trade, or if the services are rendered for the repair or maintenance of the principal residence of an individual.

[N]o administrative relief, other than as stated in the previous paragraph, is available regarding payments made by an enterprise for services.

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30 March 2016 Internal T.I. 2014-0547931I7 F - Voyages offerts par une compagnie

company providing free trips to incorporated sales reps is required to T4A the individuals if they received the trip qua employee (but not shareholder) of their corporation

2012-0472211I7 concerned a Canadian company which provided free annual trips to southern resorts to high-performing brokers and sales agents of its products or services, who could be performing the services as individual proprietorships, or through personal corporations. The trips had a business portion including morning briefings on the company’s products and services.

CRA indicated that the company providing the trips should issue T4A slips to the individual proprietor, or to the individual receiving the trip as a benefit qua employee of the individual’s personal corporation – whereas no T4A slip is required if the trip was received as a benefit qua shareholder of the personal corporation (a distinction which in practice would be difficult or impossible for the trip provider to apply). If the trip was received qua individual proprietor, the full value of the trip was to be recorded on the T4A, whereas if the trip was received qua employee, only the value of the benefit was to be recorded.

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31 March 2017 External T.I. 2016-0675221E5 - T4A

No T4A for rent

Is an amount paid to an individual as rent for the use of a facility is considered an amount paid as a fee, commission or other amount for services and thus required to be reported on a T4A slip? In particular, an organization using independent contractors, to provide certain services (i.e. teaching and supervising) pays rent to an independent contractor who is the co-owner of its facilities. CRA responded:

[A]n amount paid as rent for the use of a property would normally not be considered a fee, commission or other amount for services described in paragraph 153(1)(g) of the Act.

Accordingly…there would be no T4A reporting requirement under subsection 200(1) of the Regulations with respect to the amount paid as rent.

9 March 2017 External T.I. 2016-0677351E5 - Withholding on remuneration paid to a non-resident

Reg. 104(2) exemption does not apply for T4 reporting purposes, subject to $500 exclusion

A corporation resident in Canada pays salary and director’s fees to a shareholder who is U.S.- resident individual, who is not in Canada in the course of performing his duties as employee and director, and participates in meetings from outside Canada using the telephone or internet. Is such employer required to prepare payroll slips (e.g., T4, T4A, T4A-NR)? After noting that such attendance by the non-resident individual would not constitute the performance of services in Canada, so that under Reg. 104(2), no withholding would be required, CRA stated:

[T]he corporation resident in Canada would be required to file a form T4 information return under subsection 200(1) of the Regulations in respect of the non-resident individual’s total remuneration. That being said, as outlined in Chapter 2 of RC4120…an employer is not required to fill out a T4 slip for an individual if the remuneration paid during the year is less than $500.

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24 September 2015 External T.I. 2013-0495611E5 - Withholding on incentive payments to non-residents

T4A reporting of payments to non-resident employee of 3rd party

A Canadian resident manufacturing corporation ("Canco") pays the non-resident employees, of non-resident dealers selling its products outside Canada, incentive payments ("Incentive Payments") for each warranty registered on Canco's products. Are the Incentive Payments subject to a reporting obligation? CRA stated:

Notwithstanding that no withholding tax is required… where there is no employer/employee relationship…Canco would still be required to file an information return (T4A…)… .

See summary under Reg. 100(1) - Remuneration.

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16 March 2015 External T.I. 2014-0521791E5 - Estate Trustee Fees

trustee fees from a business subject to T4A reporting

CRA noted that if fees earned from an estate by a lawyer were income from a business, the estate would be required to prepare and file a T4A form.

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7 November 2014 External T.I. 2014-0535591E5 F - Revenu travailleur autonome

expense reimbursements or allowances were subject to T4A reporting

A corporation incurs various expenses for the benefit of its representatives, who are self-employed, such as travel expenses, conferences, training, evening dance events, travel and accommodation for participation in social events, gift cards in recognition of years of service and financial support for business start-ups. Are such amounts business income to the representatives and, if so, must they recorded on a T4A? After noting that general principles for the inclusion of the amounts in the representatives under ss. 9 and 12(1)(x) applied, CRA stated that none of the exceptions to Reg. 200(1) were applicable.

7 March 2014 Internal T.I. 2013-0507171I7 F - Obligation de produire un T4A

dual T4A issuance for fees to artist's corporation and dues to the artist's union
this was amended by 2016-0675761I7 F to indicate that union should instead issue the 2nd T4A

A producer who retains the services of an incorporated performing artist is required under the terms of the collective agreement with the Union des Artistes (UDA) to both withhold dues from the remuneration due to the Corporation of the artist and remit them to the UDA and also to pay additional dues directly to the UDA. (In 2012-0461711E5 F, CRA had concluded on the same facts that s. 56(2) did not apply to the additional dues paid to the UDA as the Corporation did not have any control over those payments.) CRA stated (TaxInterpretations translation):

In your situation, the producer pays fees to Corporation as well as amounts from two separate sources to UDA, which is the share it contributes in addition to the fees paid to Corporation and the contributions withheld from those fees. With respect to fees paid to Corporation, the producer is required to issue a T4A to Corporation. As for the additional amounts contributed to the UDA, we are of the view that the producer must issue a T4A to the artist for those amounts ... . For the artist, these contributions are a taxable benefit which must be included in employment income under paragraph 6(1)(a) ... since these are benefits received by virtue of the employment by Corporation.

As for the amounts withheld from the Corporation's fees ... even though those amount are presumed to be income of the artist for purposes of the Professional Status Act, we believe that the producer must nonetheless issue a T4A to Corporation, which must include those amounts in its business income. However, Corporation may claim a deduction as salary expense for all the fees it has received and paid to the artist, including those amounts withheld by the producer. Corporation will then issue a T4 slip to the artist who will include those amounts in employment income. Finally, the artist will be able to deduct the artist’s union dues and contributions to the CSA from employment income, based on the receipts issued by the UDA in the artist’s name for these deductions made by the producer.

18 October 2013 External T.I. 2013-0494441E5 - Amending a T4A

requirement to correct erroneous T4A

What circumstances give rise to the need to amend a T4A? CRA stated:

Section 200… requires the payer to report the correct amount paid. If the amount reported is incorrect, regardless of the circumstance the payer has not technically complied with this requirement.

Accordingly (per the summary) "it should be amended to correct the error."

CRA went on to indicate that as the "T4A is a statement of what the payer believes the nature and amount of the payment to be…" the payer should not amend the T4A at the payee's request if the payer still considers it to be correct.

22 March 2011 External T.I. 2010-0391131E5 F - Gains ouvrant droit à pension - RPC/RRQ

zero should be entered in Box 26 re QPP if employee under 18

Should Box 26 of the T4 slip be zero or should it be left blank where an employee is under 18 years of age during the entire taxation year in which the employee received a salary in Quebec. From what date should the amount in Box 26 of the T4 slip be accounted for where an employee turned 18 in a taxation year in which the employee received salary in Quebec? CRA responded:

[W]here compensation is paid to an employee in a taxation year in which the employee is under 18 years of age throughout the year, the amount to be shown in Box 26 of the T4 slip should be zero.

In a situation where an employee working in Québec has reached the age of 18 in a particular taxation year, that employee will have received a salary eligible for the Québec Pension Plan only on the first day of the following month when the age of 18 years was attained. … [D]eductions for contributions to the Québec Pension Plan must therefore begin to be deducted from the first pay of the month following the month in which the employee reaches the age of 18 years and the amount to be shown in Box 26 of the T4 slip must be recognized from that same time.

28 April 2011 Internal T.I. 2011-0394301I7 F - Obligation de l'employeur - feuillet T4 modifié

procedure for correcting T4 slips

When asked what an employer should do when it discovers that T4 slips issued by it incorrectly showed an automobile benefit, CRA stated:

[T]he employer must normally prepare amended T4 slips to correct the situation. The employer must also include a note at the bottom of the amended T4 slips to indicate that the amount of the Automobile Benefit has been reduced. A copy of the amended T4 slips for a given taxation year must be sent to the … CRA … and all affected employees informing them that they may request an adjustment to their income tax return for the particular taxation year.

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28 March 2013 External T.I. 2012-0460031E5 F - Prime pour partager chambre à deux

T4As to be issued by employer for allowance paid by 3rd-party customer to employees

Employees of a construction services company (the “Employer"), who are working at a remote construction facility, are provided accommodation and fed by the client who, in addition, provides a daily allowance to employees who agree to share a double occupancy room. Is there a taxable benefit? CRA responded:

[W]e are generally of the view that there would be a benefit under paragraph 6(1)(a) if the amounts received by the employee have any connection with his or her employment.

Based on the foregoing, it is highly likely that the allowance paid to employees who agree to share a double occupancy room comes within paragraph 6(1)(a) as a taxable benefit, the total amount of which is to be included by the Employer on a T4A slip in the name of the Employee who received these payments.

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30 April 2013 External T.I. 2013-0479451E5 F - Paiement forfaitaire rétroactif admissible

lump sum received respecting wrongful termination of disability payments was reportable on T4A

An individual sued his former employer on the basis that the employer had wrongfully terminated the employee’s long term disability benefits. The action was settled with the employer’s agreement to pay a lump sum in instalments over a number of years. After finding that a portion of the award was eligible for income-averaging under s. 110.2(2), CRA stated:

By virtue of subsections 200(1) and 205(1) of the Regulations, a person who, in a taxation year, pays an eligible retroactive lump-sum payment to an individual must complete an information return in the prescribed form (that is, Form T4A) on or before the last day of February of the following year.

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6 December 2012 External T.I. 2012-0461711E5 F - Paiements indirects / Indirect payments

no T4A slip to be issued by producer paying mandatory contributions to the fund for the union of the artist whose corporation receives fees from the producer

A producer who retains the services of an incorporated performing artist is required to pay a percentage of the fees otherwise payable by it to the artist’s Corporation (respecting the services performed by the artist as an employee of the Corporation) directly to the benefits plan (the “CSA”) for the Union des Artistes (UDA). In finding that s. 56(2) would not apply to include the amount of such producer contributions in the income of the artist, CRA stated:

[I]f the Corporation or the Taxpayer does not control the payment of the producer's mandatory contributions to the CSA, subsection 56(2) would not have the effect of including that contribution in the computation of their income. In that event, a T4A slip would not be issued by the producer to the Corporation or the Taxpayer respecting the mandatory contribution.

…. [W]e are not in a position to specify, based on the limited information provided, whether the CSA or the Corporation will be required to include benefits in an information slip and finally, whether the benefits will be taxed in the computation of the income of the Corporation or the Taxpayer.

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7 October 2011 Roundtable, 2011-0412211C6 F - Feuillets T4A comptabilité d'exercice

CRA will not automatically assess where a T4A appears to show unreported income

A self-employed worker (a surveyor working on “lumpy” jobs), reports income on an accrual basis in his 2010 taxation year that is not actually paid to him and reported on T4A slips by the payor until 2011. How, can an erroneous assessment of him for “failure” to report the income in his 2011 return be avoided?

All tax returns are reconciled with the slips issued by third parties. If there is a discrepancy between the income reported by a taxpayer and the income reported by a third party, the CRA may contact the taxpayer or the taxpayer’s authorized representative by mail or telephone for clarification.

If the CRA determines that an adjustment is necessary as a result of that review, a notice of reassessment is sent to the taxpayer.

Where we are unable to determine if the income has been correctly reported, we ask our staff to contact the taxpayer or the taxpayer’s authorized representative for further information.

8 October 2010 Roundtable, 2010-0373691C6 F - T4A et T5018 - Honoraires

GST/HST excluded from services payments

CRA confirmed that, in contrast to T5018 slip paid to construction subcontractors, T4A slips do not include the GST/HST paid to the recipient for services rendered.

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26 June 2009 External T.I. 2009-0323711E5 F - Commissions à des travailleurs indépendants

T4A requirement applies equally where payee is a partnership

CRA indicated that the requirement to file a T4A slip is the same whether a commission is paid to an individual (self-employed), a partnership or a corporation.

17 June 2008 Internal T.I. 2008-0276721I7 - Withholding requirements for non-resident employee

Canadian college with non-Treaty country "business" campus

A Canadian-resident post-secondary educational institution (the "College") established a campus in a country with which Canada does not have a Treaty and which does not impose any income tax on the employees of that campus. Employees (none of whom perform any duties of employment in Canada) include former residents of Canada.

The Directorate stated that although there was no requirement to withhold source deductions by virtue of Reg. 104(2):

[T]he College is required to make an information return in accordance with subsection 200(1) of the Regulations in respect of any payments described in subsection 153(1).

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29 May 2008 External T.I. 2007-0255321E5 F - Déclaration de renseignements

broad range of fees, reimbursements and honoraria paid by health centre required to be reported, but exclusive of GST

A health and social services centre is required to issue a T4A slip for various payments made to self-employed workers, including: reimbursement of travel expenses incurred by CSSS physicians who travelled to patient homes; fees to physicians from non-resident patients who consulted the centre’s emergency department or were hospitalized; fees for personal care services or to a priest for religious celebrations; fees to custodians as mandatary of a trust that administers the funds of a custodial service.

CRA also stated that the centre “should not include the GST/HST on the T4A slip, unless it is impossible to distinguish between the amount of fees paid and the GST.”

2 June 2008 External T.I. 2007-0262511E5 F - Obligation de produire un feuillet T4A

no T4A required by individual in personal capacity paying for professional or home-repair services

Regarding its policies as to the requirement to issue T4As for fees paid in excess of $500, CRA stated that it “will not insist on the issuance of a T4A in the situations listed on page 4 of Guide RC4157 … or where “services are rendered to an individual, in a personal capacity, by a professional or any other person engaged in a trade, or where the services are rendered for the repair or maintenance of an individual's principal residence.”

26 March 2008 External T.I. 2007-0224771E5 F - Sommes reçues en échange de références de clients

one-off referral fees to clients, if non-taxable, do not require T4As

XYZco, which is in the residential construction business, makes a $500 referral payment to each former customer who provides the name of a potential customer for the construction of a residence, if this results in a sale. After noting that such amounts likely would not be taxable to the recipients if they were provided “on a one-off or very irregular basis … as this activity does not sufficiently occupy the taxpayer's time and effort,” CRA stated:

[N]o information slip is required to be made where the amount paid to a taxpayer is not taxable.

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5 March 2008 External T.I. 2007-0256291E5 F - Bénévoles

requirement to report on T4A amounts paid to service provider greater than $500 inapplicable to charity volunteers who donate the amount back to the charity

After finding that volunteers working regular hours for a charity did not receive taxable benefits when the charity’s automobile made available to them to commute to work or they received a small allowance or meal or car expenses, CRA then addressed the question as to whether a T4A should be issued where the workers donated to the organization an amount equal to the total compensation received by cheque that was greater than $500, and stated:

[T]he Agency's administrative practice, which specifies the obligation of a payer to report amounts on a T4A when an amount paid is greater than $500, does not apply to your situation.

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Tax Topics - Income Tax Act - Section 6 - Subsection 6(1) - Paragraph 6(1)(a) volunteers working regular hours for a charity were not taxable when charity’s automobile made available to them to commute to work or receive a small allowance or meal or car expenses 232

31 January 2008 External T.I. 2007-0230111E5 F - Déclaration des remboursements de dépenses

expense reimbursements, including GST, are included on T4A

A payer is required to report on the T4A form different expense reimbursements paid to a person under a services contract, and amounts paid as GST and QST should be included.

26 August 1993, T.I. (Tax Window, No. 33, p. 2, ¶2637)

"Person" as used in Part II of the Regulations includes a non-resident person.

Subsection 200(2)

Administrative Policy

S4-F14-C1 - Artists and Writers

Requirement to issue T4A even where amount exempt

1.74 Under subsection 200(2) of the Regulations, every payer of a research grant, scholarship, fellowship, bursary, or prize (other than a prescribed prize), must report the amount on a T4A … and the related T4A Summary. This requirement also applies to a payer of an art production grant. The payer must report such amounts on a T4A slip even though the recipient may be entitled to exclude all or a portion of the amount from income because of one of the exemptions in subsection 56(3).

8 September 2015 External T.I. 2015-0584221E5 - T4A requirement- elementary scholarships

T4A requirement even where full scholarship exemption

In confirming that a private school (the "School") is required to issue T4A Slips to report scholarships paid to, or on behalf of, its elementary and high school students, CRA stated:

[T]here is currently no legislative provision or administrative position that waives the T4A reporting requirement when a scholarship or bursary is not required to be included in the recipient's income (that is, when a full scholarship exemption is available).

S2-F1-C1 - Health and Welfare Trusts

1.55 For administrative simplicity, the taxable benefits provided by a health and welfare trust to employees should be reported by the trustee on a T4 slip or T4A slip, and not on the T3 Supplementary. The trust is required to withhold income tax from taxable benefits paid to employees.

23 July 1992 Memorandum 922191 (April 1993 Access Letter, p. 128, ¶C5-188)

Where both an employer and Agriculture Canada were paying a portion of a rent differential allowance to an employee, each would be considered an employer for purposes of the requirement to withhold tax and to report the benefit on a T4 supplementary slip.

Subsection 200(3)

Administrative Policy

17 July 2019 External T.I. 2018-0777951E5 F - Avantage automobile

where 2 related employer, ss. 6(1)(e) or (k) benefit can be reported by either employer

Mr. X, is employed by two related corporations, Corporation A and Corporation B. Corporation A, acquired a car that it makes available to Mr. X, which he is free to use for personal purposes and must use for his work with both corporations. How should the taxable benefit to Mr. X be determined? After noting that a single benefit was to be computed in respect of the benefit under ss. 6(1)(e) and 6(2), or under s. 6(1)(k), CRA stated:

[W]here an individual holds more than one employment with different related corporations and the individual enjoys in the course of those employments for the same automobile a taxable benefit with respect to a reasonable standby charge for the automobile under paragraph 6(1)(e) and subsection 6(2), or an automobile operating expense benefit under paragraph 6(1)(k) … each of those benefits [must] be calculated and reported on an information slip by only one of the employers. … [T]he Agency would accept the reporting of those benefits by either Corporation A or Corporation B … .

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2 February 2017 Quebec CPA Individual Taxation Roundtable Q. 1.7, 2016-0674811C6 F - Allocations automobiles & dépenses afférentes

correction of T4s

In the context of a general discussion of the course of action to be followed where an employer subsequently determines that T4 slips issued by it were erroneous, CRA stated:

Where an employer realizes that a mistake has been made, the employer must normally prepare modified T4 slips to correct the situation. Changes can be made via the internet or by producing new paper slips that will be sent to the CRA. In both cases, a copy of the amended T4 slips must be sent to all affected employees so that they can request an adjustment to their income tax return for the particular taxation year. When an employee wishes to obtain an adjustment to an income tax return already filed for a particular taxation year that is within the normal reassessment period, the employee must request that CRA correct the income tax return by filing with the Tax Center, a T1-ADJ - T1 Adjustment Request form, duly completed, or a signed letter that provides all information respecting the request.

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