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  • Summaries of significant public transactions for the past six years including diagrams
  • Superior software platform, organization and linking
  • Succinct summaries (informed by transactional experience) of judicial and administrative authorities (and key extracts from papers) organized by both section number and topic
  • Diagrams of complex structures
  • Recent CRA and Finance Roundtables (showing the preliminary oral responses in addition to the final published responses) organized by question number and translated where applicable
  • Full-text translations of all French-language technical interpretations and Roundtable items for the past 4 years
  • Various transcripts and summaries of CRA/Finance talks/Roundtables not available elsewhere
  • The CRA website (both new and old) is scraped 6-times daily for inclusion in your search results
  • Words and phrases linked to related case and TI summaries
  • Descriptors (one line summaries of summaries)
  • Tablet- and smartphone-friendly adaptive layouts throughout the site

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* I.e. the marginal rate lowers for the 6th end-user - the 1st-5th users are still at the higher initial rate.

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