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  • Summaries of significant public transactions for the past 10 years including diagrams
  • Superior software platform, organization and linking
  • Succinct summaries (informed by transactional experience) of judicial and administrative authorities (and key extracts from papers and articles from a wide range of sources) organized by both section number and topic
  • Cases summarized under particular ITA or ETA sections (or topic headings) include decisions of other jurisdictions (U.K., Australia and other Commonwealth, and European VAT decisions, as well as provincial, including Quebec, decisions) that are relevant to the particular provision (or heading)
  • Compact diagrams of complex structures
  • In addition to our uploads of all CRA Roundtable items released under the severed letter program, we present post-2012 CRA (and Finance) Roundtables that show the preliminary oral responses in addition to the final published response (translated where applicable)
  • Full-text translations of all French-language technical interpretations and Roundtable items for the past 21 years (totalling over 2600 in number, and about 1500 more than the next most prolific tax service)
  • Various transcripts and summaries of CRA/Finance talks/Roundtables/letters not available elsewhere
  • The CRA website is scraped 6-times daily for inclusion in your search results
  • Search results also show hits from our uploaded copy of all relevant content on the old CRA website (which is not available elsewhere)
  • Particular words and phrases considered by courts or CRA are linked to the related case and TI summaries
  • Descriptors (one line summaries of summaries)
  • Tablet- and smartphone-friendly adaptive layouts throughout the site

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