Double Taxation (Presumption Against)


Fiducie financière Satoma v. Canada, 2018 FCA 74

inclusion of income in more than one taxpayer’s hands is contrary to s. 3

A tax plan turned upon dividends that in fact were paid to a family trust (Satoma Trust) being attributed under s. 75(2) to a corporation (“9134”) that was connected to the dividend payer, so that the dividends deemed to be paid to 9134 were eligible for the intercorporate dividend deduction. Before confirming an assessment under s. 245(2) that the dividend should be included in the income of Satoma Trust, Noël CJ first found that the application of s. 75(2) to 9134 effectively precluded the dividends’ inclusion in the hands of Satoma Trust in the absence of s. 245(2), stating (at para. 36, TaxInterpretations translation):

In my view, express exclusions of this type only confirm an already-present rule. In this regard, the subjecting to tax under the Act of a “taxpayer,” applies in the singular (section 3). Nothing permits the belief that the legislator intended that the same income would be taxable in the hands of more the one taxpayer… . The same dividend cannot be simultaneously received by two persons.:

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The King v. Henry K. Wampole & Co. Ltd., [1931] S.C.R. 494

no intention to impose sales tax twice on manufacturer

S. 87(d) of the Special War Revenue Act, imposed tax on goods which were “for use by the manufacturer or producer and not for sale,” was found to apply to the distribution by a pharmaceutical manufacturer of drug samples to doctors, but for the fact that the samples had already been subject to tax in the hands of the manufacturer. As to the latter point, Anglin, CJ stated (at p. 497) that “it cannot have been the intention of the Legislature to tax the same property twice in the hands of the manufacturer.”

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