Speaking in vain

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Canada v. Loblaw Financial Holdings Inc., 2021 SCC 51

Parliament does not speak in vain

Côté J applied (para. 64) the proposition that “Parliament does not speak in vain” in agreeing with with the proposition that:

It is incongruous to posit that Parliament has consistently provided a safe harbour for Canada’s largest multinational financial enterprises since 1995, yet intended to undermine that safe harbour if the oversight, cooperation, and coordination that is to be expected in such a group is present.

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Canada (National Revenue) v. Thompson, 2016 SCC 21, [2016] 1 S.C.R. 381

presumption against the legislature using redundant words so as to speak in vain

The Court found that restrictively interpreting the provision before it:

would violate the presumption against tautology, according to which “[i]t is presumed that the legislature avoids superfluous or meaningless words, that it does not pointlessly repeat itself or speak in vain” (para. 32).

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