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Administrative Policy

16 May 1994 T.I. 940186 (C.T.O. "Meaning of Prescribed and Authorized for Penalty Purpose")

"Both the information contained on a form and the form itself can be considered 'prescribed' even though the actual format of the form may not be prescribed by the Minister. The main difference between a prescribed form and an authorized form is that the former must comply with all the printing and format specifications set out by the Minister whereas there is more flexibility in the format of the latter. Consequently, the information required to be filed with the return, such as the T2S(1), is prescribed information regardless of whether the format of the form is prescribed or authorized"

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12 October 89 T.I. (March 1990 Access Letter, ¶1157)

In practice, RC will not consider an election to be invalid merely because it has been filed on an outdated form. Instead, RC will ask the taxpayer to file the election on the up-to-date form and consider that that election has been filed on the date of filing of the first form. However, some forms indicate that the election will be invalid if filed on the previous version of the form.