Section 210.2

Subsection 210.2(1) - Tax on income of trust

Administrative Policy

IT-342R "Trusts-Income Payable to Beneficiaries"


Goodman, "Canadian Trusts with Non-Resident Beneficiaries and Non-Resident Trusts with Canadian Resident Beneficiaries", 1988 Conference Report, c. 39

Discussion of the background to the repeal of s. 104(8) and its replacement by Part XII.2

Subsection 210.2(3) - Tax deemed paid by beneficiary

Administrative Policy

18 June 2001 External T.I. 2000-0025005 - Part XII.2 Tax Refund

Part XII.2 tax is refundable to an RRSP under s. 210.2(3) even though no Part I tax is payable by the plan.

24 March 1997 External T.I. 9628405 - TAX ON DESIGNATED INCOME OF CERTAIN TRUSTS

An allocation of Part XII.2 tax to a non-designated beneficiary is based on the proportion of the beneficiary's share of all types of income of...

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