We have translated 6 more CRA Interpretations

We have published a further 6 translations of CRA interpretations released in December and November, 2009. Their descriptors and links appear below.

These are additions to our set of 1,308 full-text translations of French-language Roundtable items and Technical Interpretations of the Income Tax Rulings Directorate, which covers all of the last 11 years of releases of Interpretations by the Directorate. These translations are subject to the usual (3 working weeks per month) paywall. You are currently in the “open” week for November.

Bundle Date Translated severed letter Summaries under Summary descriptor
2009-12-11 17 October 2008 Internal T.I. 2007-0254201I7 F - Entente d'échelonnement du traitement Income Tax Act - Section 6 - Subsection 6(11) s. 6(11) deems deferred amount to be received in a year in which it has not been taxed
Income Tax Act - Section 6 - Subsection 6(12) no trust created since no transfer from employer’s patrimony
Income Tax Act - Section 248 - Subsection 248(1) - Salary Deferral Arrangements arrangement deferred employee compensation and was an SDA
30 November 2009 Internal T.I. 2009-0344051I7 F - Pénalités visées par 162(7), (7.01) et (7.02) Income Tax Act - Section 162 - Subsection 162(7.01) ss. 162(7) and (7.01) (and, where relevant, (7.02)) apply to each of T5003 Summary and T5005 slips
1 December 2009 Internal T.I. 2009-0344151I7 F - Alinéa 118(1)b) - Crédit pour personne à charge Income Tax Act - Section 118 - Subsection 118(1) - Paragraph 118(1)(b) s. 118(1)(b)(i) test satisfied notwithstanding moving in with a common-law partner partway through year
2009-12-04 27 November 2009 External T.I. 2009-0335681E5 F - Placement non admissible, acquisition action Income Tax Act - Section 207.04 - Subsection 207.04(1) a subscribed-for share being unpaid does not affect the timing of its acquisition
2009-11-27 19 November 2009 External T.I. 2009-0312021E5 F - Prime d'assurance et donation Income Tax Act - Section 248 - Subsection 248(35) premiums paid on life insurance policy held by charity are not gift to the extent they relate to a premium refund to be received by estate
Income Tax Act - Section 118 - Subsection 118(5.2) deemed payment of gift by deceased under s. 118(5.2) when charity receives policy death benefit, subject to s. 248(35)
20 November 2009 External T.I. 2009-0332351E5 F - Crédit d'impôt pour la rénovation domiciliaire Income Tax Act - Section 118.04 - Subsection 118.04(1) - Qualifying Expenditure expenditure can come out of money that had already been set aside
Income Tax Act - Section 54 - Adjusted Cost Base cost of renovation includes GST/HST