Section 187.2

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28 January 2008 External T.I. 2007-0250831E5 F - Part IV.1 and VI.1 Taxes - Subsection 55(2)

After finding that s. 55(2) would apply to the deemed dividend arising on the redemption of preferred shares of a CCPC held by an unrelated public...

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Tax Topics - Income Tax Act - Section 191 - Subsection 191(4) s. 191(4) unavailable where redemption occurred subsequently to reduction in redemption amount pursuant to a price adjustment clause 370
Tax Topics - Income Tax Act - Section 55 - Subsection 55(3) - Paragraph 55(3)(a) - Subparagraph 55(3)(a)(i) s. 55(3)(a)(i) exception does not apply to a redemption of a preferred share giving rise to a deemed dividend irrespective of conversion of that dividend to capital gain 358
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