Section 195

Subsection 195(2) - Corporation to make payment on account of tax


Optical Recording Corp. v. The Queen, 86 DTC 6465, [1986] 2 CTC 325 (FCTD), aff'd 87 DTC 5248, [1987] 1 CTC 417

It was illegal for Revenue Canada to adopt a policy of not requiring taxpayers to make the payment required by s. 195(2) on the last day of the following month.

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WTC Western Technologies Corp. v. MNR, 86 DTC 6027, [1986] 1 CTC 110 (FCTD)

An assessment may not be issued under s. 195(2) at a time before the time that the taxpayer is required to file a return.

Subsection 195(5) - Evasion of tax

Administrative Policy

86 C.R. - Q.35

There are no set guidelines re due diligence test.