Section 237

Subsection 237(1) - Social Insurance Number

Administrative Policy

9 August 1994 Internal T.I. 9414986 - SOCIAL INSURANCE NUMBER REQUIREMENT

A T-5 showing investment income resulting from the investment of family allowance payments and child tax benefits should contain the Social Insurance Number of the person whose funds are being invested rather than that of the parent. If the person is a child, the Social Insurance Number need not be provided unless the income exceeds $2,500.

88 C.R. -"Tax Reform and Administration"

The expanded s. 237(1) covers an individual who is not taxable, but who nevertheless files a return in order to obtain tax credits.

Subsection 237(1.1)

Administrative Policy

9 July 2012 External T.I. 2012-0438751E5 F - Police d'assurance-vie

provision of SIN by holder of matured policy to insurer is required

Does the taxpayer have to provide the taxpayer's social insurance number to the insurer if an amount must be included in the taxpayer's income under paragraph 56(1)(j) and subsection 148(1) (e.g., on the maturity of the life insurance policy)? CRA responded:

Subsection 237(1.1) requires an individual to provide the individual’s social insurance number ("SIN") to the person required to file a T5 slip in the individual’s name. Individuals who do not comply with this requirement are subject to a penalty of $100 by virtue of subsection 162(6).

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Subsection 237(2) - Number required in information returns

Administrative Policy

13 July 1992 T.I. 921775 (March 1993 Access Letter, p. 84, ¶C220-030)

Discussion whether the use of an employee's SIN No. internally for human resource purposes or for pension purposes would give rise to an offence under s. 239(2.3).

IC 82-2R2 "Social Insurance Number Legislation that Relates to the Preparation of Information Slips"