Section 146.02

Subsection 146.02(1)

Repayment Period

Administrative Policy

22 January 2004 Internal T.I. 2003-0052121I7 F - Régime d'éducation permanente - période de rembour

actual date of repayment is not taken into account

In 2001, an individual withdrew $4,000, being an eligible amount, from her RRSP under an LLP and then, in 2002, contributed $2,000 to her RRSP as a repayment under the LLP.

In finding that $3,000 withdrawn by her from her RRSP in 2003 could be an eligible amount, notwithstanding the $2,000 repayment in 2002, CCRA indicated that the "repayment period" definition refers to a deduction under s. 118.6(2) and does not take into account the date of a repayment.