Section 12.7

Subsection 12.7(3)


Joint Committee, "Hybrid Mismatch Arrangements Proposals", 30 June 2022 Submission of the Joint Committee

Need for a relieving rule for timing mismatches that produce income inclusions under s. 12.7(3) (under “10. Timing Mismatches and Proposed Subsection 12.7(3)”)

  • S. 20(1)(yy) only relieves where the application of the hybrid mismatch rules results in the denial of a deduction under s. 18.4(4), and not where there is an income inclusion under s. 12.7(3), i.e., if a payment under a hybrid mismatch arrangement produces a foreign tax deduction in a particular foreign taxation year, and Canadian ordinary income in a taxation year beginning more than 12 months after the end of the particular year, the recipient of the payment is required to include an amount in its income under s. 12.7(3), notwithstanding that an amount is also included in Canadian ordinary income under the general Canadian income tax rules.