Section 23

Subsection 23(1) - Sale of inventory


Edmund Peachey Ltd. v. The Queen, 79 DTC 5064, [1979] CTC 51 (FCA)

S.85E(1) of the old Act did not apply to the factual situation of the appellant because it had not ceased carrying on a business by virtue of abandoning its intention to develop its lands as a housing subdivision. Since it continued to hold the land inventory of the original business, it was reasonable to assume that its business had not been brought to an end.

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Raby v. MNR, 65 DTC 5085, [1965] CTC 138 (Ex Ct)

S.85E(1) applied when the partner in a partnership holding 92 building lots became ill and sold his share of the lots at a profit to a corporation, which in turn sold these lots to his partner.

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Henco Industries Limited v. The Queen, 2014 DTC 1161 [at 3528], 2014 TCC 192

land ceased to be inventory through sterilization rather than business cessation

A subdivision property of the taxpayer, a developer, was blockaded by Six Nations protesters. To diffuse the conflict, the Ontario government passed a by-law prohibiting any use of the property (rendering it valueless), and ultimately agreed to pay the taxpayer $15,800,000 in exchange for relinquishing its rights to the property and under a court order against the protesters, and for a release.

Before finding that as a factual matter the $15,800,000 receipt was not compensation for a "useless, worthless piece of land" (para. 167) but instead compensation for destruction of the taxpayer's business (i.e., goodwill), C. Miller J found (at para. 168) that s. 23 did not apply:

There was a conversion ... in which the DCE land completely lost its character as inventory. ... [T]he land did not lose its character as inventory because Henco went out of business and the land was sold while Henco was no longer carrying on a business (the very situation section 23 of the Act was put in place to address). The land lost its character as inventory by being made legally useless for development.

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Administrative Policy

8 January 1993 T.I. (Tax Window, No. 28, p. 22, ¶2365)

S.23(1) will apply to land inventory