Individuals and families


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Individuals and families

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All about your tax return
Get, complete, and send in your tax return, NETFILE, payments, refunds.

Life events
When someone has died, when someone becomes disabled, when you move, and when you get married.

Capital gains and losses

GST/HST for individuals
GST/HST credits, rebates, homeowners.

Voluntary Disclosures Program
Taxpayers may avoid penalties or prosecution if they correct their tax affairs by making a disclosure.

Learning About Taxes
A course to help you understand the fundamentals of the Canadian tax system and to teach you how to file a basic income tax return.

All rates
Federal and provincial/territorial tax rates, prescribed interest rates, prescribed interest rates for leasing rules, exchange rates, mileage rates.

Community volunteer income tax program
Get or provide help filing income tax returns.

CPP/EI rulings
The CPP/EI Rulings Program is responsible for providing clients with rulings that indicate whether a worker is an employee or is self-employed.


Child and family benefits
Canada child benefit, GST/HST credit, Working income tax benefit, related provincial and territorial programs, child disability benefit, and benefits calculator.


Registered savings plans
RRSP, Registered education savings plan (RESP) and Registered disability savings plan (RDSP). Includes HBP, LLP and RRIF.

Tax-Free Saving Account (TFSA)
Eligibility, types of investments, withdrawals.


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