Careers at the CRA


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Careers at the CRA

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is recognized as one of the world's best tax administrations, largely because of its dedicated and talented staff.

Careers at the CRA - Why work with us

What the CRA offers, the search tool for current CRA job opportunities.

Pay rates

CRA pay rates for each occupational group and level in the bargaining units and unrepresented groups.

Recruitment events

Calendar of all upcoming recruitment events across Canada.

Students and graduate hiring

Pay rates for students and new graduates, information on how to apply.

Welcome veterans

Priority status for veterans, preference for veterans, mobility for veterans, questions and answers.

Employment equity, diversity and inclusion

Annual reports showcasing how the CRA's workforce reflects Canada's diverse population.

Integrity and service excellence

How the CRA delivers high-quality service and upholds the public interest.

CRA competencies and standardized assessment tools

List of CRA standardized assessment tools and competencies.

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