Jencal Holdings – Tax Court of Canada finds that one of the main reasons for the existence of a holdco for one of five children was SBD multiplication

A reorganization was implemented so that a family company (“KT Holdings”) that indirectly carried on a tire business became held equally by holdcos for each of the five children. Whereas previously the small business deduction was not enjoyed, now each holdco generated the $500,000 deduction through loans being made to generate $500,000 in interest income from KT Holdings that was converted into active business income under s. 129(6)(b). In a planning memo prepared by KPMG, the multiplication of the small business limit was the only identified objective that required the use of holdcos.

Graham J considered that estate planning for the five children was likely a main reason for the separate existence of the holdcos “in general.” However, as the child for the particular holdco {“Jencal”) that was before him did not testify, he could not make any finding that estate planning was a main reason for the separate existence of Jencal. Accordingly, he confirmed the application by CRA of s.256(2.1) to deem Jencal to be associated with KT Holdings, so that s. 125(5.1) applied to reduce the small business limit available to Jencal to nil.

Neal Armstrong. Summary of Jencal Holdings Ltd. v. The Queen, 2019 TCC 16 under s. 256(2.1).