STEP Canada submits that the names of individuals with significant control of CBCA corporations should not be posted on-line (and that their names not be searchable)

Since January 2024, the on-line corporate register for federally incorporated (CBCA) companies. has been posting the names of individuals who are the ultimate beneficial owners and controllers of CBCA companies. STEP has submitted that this represents an unjustified invasion of privacy to persons involved with companies.

The submission supports a stated goal for the register of combatting tax evasion and money laundering, but suggests that the information can be submitted to the government without there being a requirement to post the information on-line (as is the case in the US under their federal Corporate Transparency Act in force there since January 1, 2024). The submission requests that the government reverse its decision to post on-line the beneficial owners (called individuals with significant control in the legislation) but, failing that, there should only be the ability for the public to search by company name, and not the implementation of a search by name of individuals so as to obtain a list of all companies in which they are involved: this would constitute a serious invasion of privacy.

Neal Armstrong. Summary of STEP Canada, 21 February 2024 submission to Genevieve Gobeil, Acting Senior Policy Manager, Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada entitled “Re: Bill C-42, Canada Business Corporations Act amendments (public disclosure of the beneficial ownership register)” under CBCA, s. 21.303.