CRA confirms that an intermunicipal management board is a corporation

A municipality may acquire an interest in a Canadian renewable energy project through an intermunicipal management board (“IMB”), which acquires an interest in the limited partnership owning the project assets and selling the electricity generated. In order for the LP to claim accelerated CCA without restriction by the Canadian specified energy property rules, Reg. 1100(26)(b) requires that all partners be “corporations” the principal business of which is the sale, distribution or production of electricity (or other enumerated activities), or other qualifying partnerships.

After noting that the (apparently Quebec) statutory provisions governing an IMB are similar to those governing a CBCA corporation, including providing that the IMB is a legal person (“personne morale”), has limited liability, except in relation to certain borrowings, has a board of directors and is governed by by-laws and resolutions – and the interests in it carry voting rights, CRA concluded that such an IMB qualifies as a corporation. It went on to indicate that whether the principal-business test adverted to above was satisfied was a question of fact on which it had insufficient particulars.

Neal Armstrong. Summary of 26 May 2023 External T.I. 2022-0946411E5 under Reg. 1100(26)(b).