Xu – Tax Court of Canada finds that an informal letter attaching documents and containing only a brief request for adjustment qualified as an objection

The taxpayers were assessed to deny the new residential rental unit rebate. Two weeks later, the taxpayers provided much of that supplemental information along with a covering letter, which stated that it was “to request a re-assessment of case #50499531,” and spoke with a CRA representative. In finding that the taxpayers’ submission qualified as an objection sufficient for the purposes of ETA s. 301(1.1), Bocock J stated:

The form [of the submission] was not usual, but there is no prescribed form.

… The submission, dated two weeks after the notice of reassessment, while not perfectly detailed, was sufficient to initiate the objection process responsive to an audit and conclusions already in active dispute.

Neal Armstrong. Summary of Xu v. The King, 2022 TCC 108 under ETA s. 301(1.1).