CRA has suspended: dealing with Objections; and audits where statute-barring is not imminent

CRA expanded on the comment in the Finance Release on COVID-19 that “For the vast majority of taxpayers, the CRA will temporarily suspend audit interaction with taxpayers and representatives,” stating:

Interaction with taxpayers will be limited to those cases where the legal deadline to reassess a tax return is approaching, and in cases of high risk GST/HST refund claims that require some contact before they can be paid out.

CRA also stated:

Collections activities on new debts will be suspended until further notice, and flexible payment arrangements will be available. …

With respect to objections related to … tax matters [other than re entitlement to benefits and credits] filed by individuals and businesses, the CRA is currently holding these accounts in abeyance. No collection action will be taken with respect to these accounts during this period of time.

Neal Armstrong. Summaries of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19): Collections, audits, and appeals 19 March 2020 CRA Webpage under s. 222(2) and s. 165(3).