The federal election may affect whether the stock option rules pass

Ted Cook noted that it is Finance’s normal practice to release draft legislative proposals, on measures not included in the first Budget Implementation Act, for comment over the summer, and Finance is working towards that. Included in this project are the Budget proposals to apply a $200,000 annual cap on employee stock-option grants, based on the FMV of the underlying shares (of large, long-established, mature firms) that may receive preferred tax treatment, for which more detailed proposals are targeted to be released by June 21.

However, the House of Commons is rising on June 21, and then there will be a dropping of the writ for the next federal election before Parliament resumes. Although he did not say so (he can't imply, we can infer), this suggests that if any of the unimplemented Budget proposals are controversial, their passage will depend on the views of the next government.

Neal Armstrong. 2019 IFA Conference - Ted Cook Legislative Update.