Grondin – Court of Quebec confirms that the Quebec equivalent of s. 13(21.1)(b) applies irrespective of an intention to dispose of the underlying land

The uninsured barn of a pig farmer burned down. Lafrenière JCQ confirmed the application by the ARQ of the Quebec equivalent (in Art. 93.3) of s. 13(21.1)(b) to reduce what otherwise would have been that taxpayer’s terminal loss by one-half, stating:

[T]he exception provided in Articles 93.1 to 93.3 … applies without regard to whether the disposition is voluntary or involuntary, and also applies independently of whether or not there was a wish to dispose of the underlying land.

He also quoted with approval similar findings made by the Tax Court in 9136-6872 Québec.

Neal Armstrong. Summary of Grondin v. Agence du revenu du Québec, 2019 QCCQ 1059 under s. 13(21.1)(b).