Chi - Federal Court gives an individual who failed to produce foreign bank statements following a compliance order another chance to avoid imprisonment

An individual (Chi) failed to supply bank statements for three accounts at a Hong Kong HSBC bank branch pursuant to a s. 231.2(1) requirement and also pursuant to a subsequent compliance order issued under s. 231.7.

LeBlanc J found Chi to be in contempt. After noting that there were mitigating factors calling for a milder sentence than in other cases, he ordered Chi to pay a fine of $2,000, legal costs of $3,500, and provide the HSBC bank statements (or documented evidence that they were not available) all within 30 days, failing which Chi would be subjected to 15 days’ imprisonment.

Neal Armstrong. Summary of Canada (National Revenue) v. Chi, 2018 FC 897 under s. 231.7(4).