CRA will not adopt the ARQ’s fast track procedure for offsetting remittance obligations against ITCs

Revenu Québec has a “fast track” procedure under which a supplier’s QST/GST remittance obligation is in effect set-off against the recipient’s input tax refund/credit. Conditions for this procedure include:

  • the requested refund is over $500,000 of net tax;
  • the GST/HST and QST filing frequency of the recipient and the supplier is monthly;
  • there are no late returns or payments in any tax account respecting the recipient; and
  • there is no agency relationship between the recipient and supplier.

CRA has no intention of reinstating its own version of this procedure.

Neal Armstrong. Summary of 8 March 2018 CBA Commodity Tax Roundtable. Q.19 under ETA s. 225(1).