CRA indicates that the “short-cut method” for short-circuiting a Pt III assessment is “generally” available

In 2011-0412071C6 F, CRA indicated that if the corporation informs the local Tax Services Office that it wishes s. 184(3) to apply, the TSO will apply the "short-cut” method under which no Part III assessment will be issued to the corporation and only the shareholders will be reassessed to include the taxable dividends in their income.

When asked whether the short-cut method is generally available or only in exceptional circumstances, CRA indicated the former, stating that “this administrative practice is still in effect and the CRA is generally prepared to apply it to a file, both at the taxpayer's request and during an audit of an election under subsection 83(2),” but that “the use of this method, however, remains in the discretion of the CRA to determine whether the circumstances of a file are appropriate for its application.”

Neal Armstrong. Summary of 6 October 2017 APFF Roundtable, Q.5 under s. 184(3).