Full-text federal tax decisions going back to the late 90s have been added

We are beginning to add the full-text judicial decisions to our database, starting with Tax Court decisions (back to 1999), and tax-related decisions of the Federal Court of Appeal (1997) and Trial Division (1996) and the Supreme Court of Canada (1877, subject to no income tax back then). This will permit you to use our search engine in searching content in the last two decades of cases. Two basic pointers:

  • Searches for section numbers will include more detailed versions of the indicated item. For example entering

245(4) 20(1)(c)

in the search box will show cases (and other content types, before you choose to narrow them down using the menu at the left), that also contain both 245(4) and 20(1)(c)(i) or (ii).

  • Search results will be narrowed if you use quotations (resulting in only that exact word or phrase being searched). For example searching “surplus stripping” rather than surplus stripping reduces the cases hit from 30 to 15.

Decisions are added to our site within 37 minutes of their being published at the court sites (our computer slumbers not, nor sleeps).