Finance Comfort Letters

2018 Affected legislation Principal topics
May 11 s. 146(21) et seq. variable benefits paid out of specified pension plan to qualify re pension income credits and income splitting and subject to Reg. 8506
May 1 s. 90(14) deemed B2B loan repayment deemed repayment of deemed loan under s. 90(7) similarly to ss. 15(2.18) and (2.19)
2016 Affected legislation Principal topics
Dec 3 s. 95(2)(b)(i)(B)(I) base erosion rule proposed extension of s. 95(2)(a)(ii)(D) safe harbor to inter-FA fees that are deemed FAPI under s. 95(2)(b)(i)(B)(I)
2015 Affected legislation Principal topics
Nov 16 s. 104(13.4) beneficiary income inclusion s. 104(13.4)(b) not to apply unless joint election joint election by trust and graduated rate estate and deceased died before 2017 – trust allocation of post death donations to s. 104(13.4)(a) year
2014 Affected legislation Principal topics
Dec 23 s. 251.2 loss restriction events s. 251.2(3)(f) safe harbour for unit redemptions – due date extensions for trust short year - loss restriction event only where actual beneficiary change [see also 2014-0534841C6 F] - application dates